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AIP / American International Pictures Product Broucher
America's Movies / Los Angeles Olympic Games of 1984
American International Television Entertainment / Poster
Aquafire / Packaging
Arrowhead Arts Association Fifth Annual Music Festival
Arrowhead Arts Association Third Annual Music Festival
Bach Festival '85 / Poster
Bach Festival '89 / Poster
Bach Festival / Poster
Blue Tomato / Logo
Book Soup / Logo
Caboblanco / Trade Advertisment
Captain Power / Trade Presentation
Carol King Concert Logo / 1973
Cary Grant
Clue / Box Cover
Coldwater/Chandler Racquetball Center / Logo, Brouchure
E.T. Speak and Spell / Box, Brouchure
E.T. the Extraterrestrial / Poster
E.T. the Extraterrestrial / Universal Parks Billboard
E.T. the Extraterrestrial / Universal Parks Broucher
Educational Film Strips / Einstein, Salk, Perry & Henson
Elfmade / Advertisment
Flying Tiger Airlines / Advertisments, Calendars, Logo
Forbidden Bridge / Box cover
Galidor / Poster
Gerald and Cullen Rapp, Inc. / Logo
Grammy Awards / Invitation
Hans Zimmer Portrait
Hart to Hart / TV Guide Advertisment
ILM/ Industrial Light and Magic Logo
Indiana Jones / Hasbro Packaging
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade / Pepsi Cola Packaging
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade / Pepsi Cola Standee
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade/Pepsi Poster
Kermit / Logo
Las Vegas Fashion Plaza / Broucher
Levi's Action Wool Tropical Slacks / Post Card
Levi's Saddle Cut Jeans
Levi's Summer Casuals / Poster
Mac Davis / Logo
Marvel/Top Deck Card Game / Poster
Muppet Colorforms / Product and Packaging
Oklahoma / Poster
Paramount Parks / Broucher
Pasadena Plaza / Poster
Pencil Pushers Logo
Preview Theatre / AIP Invitation
Prince Lightstar / Trade Presentation
Pro-Line Kiddie Kit / Packaging
Readers Digest Agatha Christy Selects / Broucher
Readers Digest Sentimental Memories / Broucher
Readers Digest Western Stories / Broucher
Santa Barbara Plaza / Poster
Santa Rosa Plaza / Broucher
Sea Odyssey / Poster
Sentimental Memories
Sierra Pacific Airlines / Logo
Sierracin / Anual Report
Skeleton Warriors
Southern Comfort / Advertisments
Spiro / A Hero's Tale
Sports Illustrated / Broucher
Star Trek / The Next Generation/Game Box cover
Star Trek 25th Anniversary / Posters
Star Wars/Legends in 3-Dimensions/Box Cover
Sunnyvale Town Center / Poster
Tales of the Golden Monkey / TV Guide Advertisment
Teacher's Scotch / Advertisments
Terry and the Pirates / Trade Advertisment
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicals / Advertisment
Twentieth Century Fox / 50th Anniversary
X-Files / Legends in 3 Dimensions/Box

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