Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits

Medium: Fine Art Giclee Print
Size: 39 x 21.5 inches
Year 1974

In 1974 Alice released the "Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits" compilation album. It featured drew’s artwork on the cover and reached the US Top 10 albums. “Hits” became the theme for the cover art focusing on the word “hits” as in mob hit. So the decision was made to set the cover art in the 30’s with the title block picking up the theme St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. The band is sitting in the car and on the Street are a number of Hollywood stars from the period featuring Jean Harlow, Groucho Marx, Peter Lorre, Edward G., Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, and Robert Taylor. Check out the newsstand with little clues of Alice’s hits like, the number “18” on the door and on the newsstand “Schools Out” and “Million Dollar Babies”.


© Copyright drew Struzan 1974