Star Wars / The Circus Poster

Medium: Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print
Size: 21.5 x 33 inches
Year 1977

This poster was produced for the 1977 summer re-release of Star Wars. Charlie White III and Drew Struzan painted it. Struzan would go on to be one of the most prolific Star Wars painters for Lucasfilm creating more posters, book covers, and various other artworks. George Lucas has often referred to this poster, which reminds him of a circus poster, as his favorite up until the “Special Editions”.

Speaking about the original creation Drew said, “When we got the billing, we discovered there wasn't enough room for all the credits, so we had to figure out a way to make more space. We thought, 'Why don't we take what we already have and paint it to look like its wild posted on top of other posters?' That gave us the extra room we needed for the billing at the bottom. It was a case of Necessity being the Mother of Invention."

This poster has been reproduced time and time again being so popular. Never has the original work of art been reproduced as originally conceived, not until this museum quality Giclee print was produced. Faithfully replicating the artwork, this edition is extremely rare. The regular edition is sold out and only the Artist Proofs from Drew’s archives remain. Hand numbered, and marked as APs and signed by Drew.


© Copyright drew Struzan 1977