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Action Comics / Superman #800
Medium: Acrylic paint and colored pencils on gessoed board
Size: 11.25x18' on 22x30' board
Year 2002

Original finished art for the cover of the 800th Superman comic book.

September 11, 1985

Dear Drew,

I very much enjoyed the interview Laura (my daughter) had with you on the Channel 2 News program today.

You are a sensational artist, one of the best. I doubt if you would ever want to collaborate with me on comic book projects, but if you ever want to do that, let me know.

Enclosed is a photo autographed in admiration to you by Superman and me. My wife, who was the original model for Lois Lane for artist Joe Shuster, is enclosing an autographed picture to you, also.

Best to you and your wife.


Jerry Siegel

Signed lower right corner "drew"

© Copyright DC Comics 2002