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Bach Festival 1986
Medium: Acrylic paints and colored pencils on gessoed board
Size: 30x30 inches
Year 1986

Johann Sebastian Bach

While Bach's fame as an organist was great during his lifetime, he was not particularly well-known as a composer. His adherence to Baroque forms and contrapuntal style was considered "old- fashioned" by his contemporaries, especially late in his career when the musical fashion tended towards Rococo and later Classical styles. A revival of interest and performances of his music began early in the 19th century, and he is now widely considered to be one of the greatest composers in the Western tradition.

Originally a poster for the Music Festival at Lake Arrowhead, California.

Now a portrait celebrating one of the grandest musical hearts of all time.

Signed and date on his cuff "drew '86"

© Copyright drew Struzan 1986