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Manhattan Beach
Medium: Both in colored pencil on gray paper
Size: 15.5x20 inches on 22x30 inch paper
Year 1980

These two drawings were concepts for a poster to promote and honor the city of Manhattan Beach, California.

Scenes from the 1983 film Against All Odds were filmed along the boardwalk and beach. Filming Location for Weeds. Quentin Tarantino worked at a video rental store in Manhattan Beach before becoming a director. The Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail was invented in the 1960s in El Porto at the current location of Sharkeez bar and grill. Film location of Starsky and Hutch (2004). Film location of Jerry Maguire (1996). Film location of Tequila Sunrise (1988). The name of present day Manhattan Beach was decided by a coin-flip in 1902 between George Peck (who branded his property Manhattan after his hometown in New York) and John Merrell (who named his property Shore Acres).


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