Medium: Acrylics & oils on canvas
Size: 36x80 inches
Year 1998

The "old woman" of autumn was called Baba by the Slavic inhabitants of eastern Europe. Baba passed into Slavic folk legend as Baba Yaga. Mostly portrayed as a terrifying old crone, she can also play the role of a beautiful wise woman. Like all forces of nature, often wild and untamed, Baba Yaga can also be kind. She sometimes gives advice and gifts to honest heroes with pure hearts. According to legend, upon girls who demonstrate perfect humility in servitude, Baba Yaga (instead of eating them as originally planned) bestows enlightenment in the form of a Flaming Skull of Wisdom.

Signed with a gestalt "S" left, center, edge.

© Copyright drew Struzan 1998-2007